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More on reader’s delights

So you’ve just burned through an entire author’s body work.  “There’s nothing to read!” you wail.  It sounds strangely familiar until you recognize your tone of voice: it’s the same grouchiness your kids voice when they look into the refrigerator and yell, “There’s nothing to eat!!!”

Do not despair.  The Internet once again delivers a resource to your home screen, free, easy to use, and inspirational.

The Literature Map is part of Gnod.com (they also do movies and music).  Just go to http://www.literature-map.com/, type in a favorite author’s name, and watch the magic.  A web of other author’s names will appear.  The closer the name, the more similiar that author is to yours; the further away, the more dissimilar.  What a great and easy way to find new authors to investigate! 

Here’s an example.  I entered “Debbie Macomber” into the search blank, and this is the result.

Of course, this is a database-driven list.  For personalized recommendations delivered with more wit, humor, and warmth, always consult your local librarian!   😉    We love to help.
                   –Mary Beth


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