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Books to celebrate trees

Surprise!  National Arbor Day is this Friday.   Who knew?    Ok, I admit it, I don’t even know what we’re celebrating.  But hey, I work in a library!  I can find out.

Happily, it turns out Arbor day is something I can really get behind.  Rather than celebrating a garden structure on which plants are supported, it’s more about trees.  There was an enthusiastic gardener and journalist named J. Sterling Morton, who moved to Nebraska in the late 1800s and started a movement for planting trees as windbreaks, to hold the soil, and to provide oxygen, shade, fuel, building materials, and food. (Click here to read a neat interactive history book online.)  The first official Arbor Day was proclaimed inNebraska in 1872 and celebrated with mass tree plantings.

So this Friday, plant some trees, take a hike, send someone a free Arbor Day e-card, and enjoy oxygen.  Meanwhile, here are some of my personal favorite tree books, waiting on a shelf at your local tree-loving library, for your reading pleasure.
           –Mary Beth


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