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Well, here is an odd grouping of tidbits I’ve been wanting to share.  I kept thinking they would eventually work into the theme of a blog post, but I’ve come to admit that may not happen.  On the other hand, they are too good not to share.

 Take a few minutes out for some word-related delight.

 Tattly: designy temporary tattoos          I share this site in the devout hope that all the parents who read this will buy one of these great (temporary) designs, apply it, and completely freak their children out.



Save the Words  I’m not sure which is cooler: the mission of this site, or the graphics.It has practical application—sign up for a “Word a Day” email to enhance your vocabulary—and it has terrific whimsy: sign up to “Adopt A Word” which is in danger of becoming extinct.  

 The Surrealistic Book Paintings of Alireza Darvish are amazing, book-cherishing paintings. “Books as bridges across the unknown; as building blocks of the Pyramids; readers as fish in a desert with books as the water of life, their only chance to maintain themselves and survive, one book to the next.”  Here’s one:

        —Mary Beth



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