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We’re thriving @ your library

Sunday and Monday were gorgeous.  Are you convinced spring is here?   If dreams of your garden are keeping you up nights, check out the display table by our New Book shelves: it’s covered with books on gardening.  Ideas, design, layout, how-tos of all kinds: come get inspired!

And if you’re the type of gardener who wants to listen to a book while you work, don’t forget that we just bought 3,000 invisible books… downloadable audiobooks, available to you 24/7 off our website.  Come in and get we’ll help you get your account set up.

National Library Week 2010

And while you’re here, participate in our National Library Week celebration!  There are two stations at which you can respond to our questions (“What one word describes your library?”) and (“How does your library help your community thrive?”).  Check out the big bulletin board in the lobby to see all the fabulous responses we’ve gotten so far!
–Mary Beth


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