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A balanced approach

Do you ever need a little silly in your day?  Here are two resources–one very useful, and one only useful if you’re in a certain kind of mood.

Non-silly:  there’s a new way to search for jobs on the web.  Click here, or, you can enter this URL in your search engine address bar, substituting any city/state combination you’re interested in:  http://burlington.wa.usa.jobs/ .

(For more resources on employment, careers, or operating a small business, see our Business & Employment Resources Page.)

Silly/awesome/uplifting:  1,000 Awesome Things.   Launched June, 2008  (and published last year as a book) and updated every weekday, this site features the small, everyday pleasures of life, such as “#986, When you pull up to a red light and the guy in front of you nudges up a bit so you can make a right turn,” or “#981, Wearing underwear just out of the dryer.”   It just focuses your awareness on joyful happenings for a moment.  Huh.  Maybe not so silly?
                            –Mary Beth


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