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An enthusiastic “thumbs up”

In my book, any movie with Morgan Freeman’s name on it is probably worth watching. So when I saw his name connected with the documentary Prom Night in Mississippi, I bought it for the library, and then took it home and watched it once it was processed and ready for checkout. I wasn’t disappointed.

In 1997 Morgan Freeman offered to pay for the high school prom in Charleston, MS—if it would be racially integrated. But his offer was turned down. He tried again in 2008, and this time his offer was accepted. (Can you believe there were schools in 2008 with segregated proms?!) As Freeman said, “You make the plans, and I’ll write the check.” This film documents Charleston’s reactions and reflections during the planning and prom itself.

You’ll see and hear some kids who are wise beyond their years, and some adults who need an attitude adjustment. In the suspense of community conflict, you may learn something about southern culture. And I’ll bet that you find yourself smiling at the vivacious authenticity of young, beautiful people.




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