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Websites for Kids

We’re all aware of how much kids love anything to do with computers.

This can create concern for parents, who don’t always have time to research the best websites for their kids to use.  Here’s a handy resource: The Association for Library Service to Children researches and vets hundreds of sites, and publishes the best of them on (what else) a website: Great Websites for Kids.

The websites evaluated are aimed at children 14 years and younger.  The ratings include a grade level,  a rating system of five stars, and details such as any fees or purchases available on the site.   The ALSC adds sites three times a year, and reviews all the sites twice a year for relevancy and accessibility.

One other nifty resource on their site is their Selection Criteria page, on which they share just what they look for in a site that makes it credible and worthwhile.  Parents looking to learn how to evaluate the websites their children visit might find this page very useful.


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