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Employment Scams

As you know, the library has many resources to help people find jobs, write resumes and application letters , start small businesses, and  research careers and companies to work for – all without a charge! 

We also come across good suggestions to avoid job scams or paying for phony” high paying job” lists.  See this video on job scams.  Job-hunting is tough enough without running into these scams, or frauds.

The Riley Guide also has a great page on many types of these illegal or misrepresented promises for work – see their article on “How to Tell Its’ a Scam! (and what to do)” – and the page called Job Scams!  with its own Poster

Meanwhile, ask us about our special computers for typing up and printing application letters or resumes, homework, or other documents.  You can use these up to three hours a day.  For a list of our online resources, see our page on Business, Career & Employment Resources.


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