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Are you an e-reader?

Have you tried e-reading yet?  More and more often we have people coming to the library with questions about downloading e-books and other digital dilemmas.   Very frequently they tell me, “I never thought I’d want to, but someone gave me this thing, and once I tried it I’m amazed at how much I like it!”  Then they hasten to say they’d never want to give up “real” books.  (Thank goodness.)

If you’d like to try e-reading without investing in a machine, you can.  Both Barnes and Noble (the Nook) and Amazon (the Kindle) have applications you can download to your PC or Mac for free.  And there are plenty of free books to download.

Speaking of free books, if you are a Kindle owner, you may want to know about this website: http://www.ereaderiq.com/.  There you can see the newest free books for Kindles, updated every day, and other nifty services as well.

And here’s a YouTube of how to find free books for your Nook.

There are many more resources on the web to help you in your quest.  Check here and here for tips and links.  So many books… so little time.

So tell us: do you e-read?  What are the pros and cons of it for you?  Do you have any tips for people thinking of trying it out?  Share you wisdom in the comments!

           –Mary Beth


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