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There’s a bustle in the air…

We’re winding up to Saturday night, folks, in the countdown mode now.  The evening of the 21st is the Foundation fundraiser, Books, Bite, and Burgundy.  This is the third year of the event, and promises to be the best yet (of course).

The library is starting to fill up with gift baskets of all kinds of tempting shapes and content.  There will be 50 baskets!  They’ll go in the Silent Auction.   In the staff area, supplies are starting to pile up — everything from special plates that have an indentation to hold your wine glass, to boxes of  crackers and other goodies starting to come in.  Foundation members are starting to dart in and out with news, questions, and supplies.   Maggie was cleaning the refrigerator this morning! 

So everyone is bustling about in preparation.  Now what we need are people to attend the gala!  Saturday, the library gets transformed into an elegant setting.  At 6:30 the doors open, and it becomes filled with life and laughter and all kinds of fun ways to support the library.   Which is, after all, the point.  And a wonderful point it is.

Please come, and get the word out to your friends.  Tickets are $25 at the door; you must be 21 or older to attend.


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