Websites for Voter Info

 Though we don’t tell people HOW to vote, we can help you find information to help YOU decide how to vote.  In addition to books on controversial or public interest issues, search our newspaper, magazine and social policy databases for information on controversial issues for historical context and background of topics. See our Government, Law & Social Policy Reference page for additional resources on public policy, legal and government issues.

And here are a few handy websites to help you prepare for this election:

For information on the process of registering to vote and actually voting in Washington state, visit

And finally, for unbiased information on candidates, campaigns and ballot measures, there’s Washington Voter.

So now you don’t have any excuses!  And if you have other questions about voting, you know where to come.


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  1. Rita

    Thanks so much for this info! Now I know where to go and what to do when I get there 🙂

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