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Reference USA business and telephone directory database.

This database is provided courtesy of the Port of Skagit

Try our new business and telephone directory database called Reference USA.

This database is very useful for finding phone numbers (landlines only), business data, customers for direct marketing projects, help with your business plans and job searching.  Specific examples are listed below.

  • Small business owners: If you are interested in opening up a new business in a certain area, historical data enables you to research that location to see how many businesses were there before. If there have there been multiple restaurants at the same location within a few years—that may be a red flag. You can research which businesses were located nearby over the last 10 years and even get executive contact names to conduct additional market research.
  • Developers/Investors: Developers can use this to make sure they develop and invest in land and businesses that are thriving. This module allows you to research industry trends across the U.S. or within a geographic location. In addition, investors can track a company over time to find out if the company opened or closed locations, moved locations multiple times and whether the company is shrinking or growing.
  • Job Seekers: The best tool for job seekers is research! It’s always a good idea to research a company before applying and interviewing. You can search for a company of interest and study any trends in the business since 2003. Similarly, they can search by the same industry and study overall business trends. Employers love educated job candidates!
  • Researchers: The data collected by Reference USA might help with research on the effects of city laws on businesses over time, the effect of natural disasters on a region’s local economy or how advances in geographic technology boosts the economy, anything is possible with the historical data module.

Please check with us any time if you have questions or would like a demonstration.  You need an active Burlington Library card to access this database.


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