Wine and books – a great pairing

For some of us, the idea of a good mystery to read with a glass of wine sounds like an ideal evening.  If you’re one of those folks, here’s a whole series by Ellen Crosby that may just fit the bill.  Each book pairs wine lore with historical tidbits for a satisfying read.

The first title in the series, The Merlot Murders, shares details about Thomas Jefferson’s (unsuccessful) efforts to establish a wine industry in early Virginia.  In the fourth–The Riesling Retribution–a tornado rips through the vineyard, unearths a grave and reopens a decades-old homicide. Vintner Lucie Montgomery sets out to clear her late father’s name when locals determine he’s the most likely to have committed the crime.  

And speaking of wine…mark your calendar for Books, Bites, and Burgundy, the spectacular second annual Burlington Library Foundation fundraiser, Saturday, May 22 from 7 to 9 pm. There will be food, fun and fantastic prizes. Save the date, and watch for more information to come.

                                                                                                -Janice Burwash 


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  1. The books do sound interesting and a marvelous segue for telling us about the Books, Bites and Burgundy event!! I’ll go put it on my calendar right now!! Thanks, Betty

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