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Washington Anytime Library logoThe Washington Anytime Library (aka Overdrive) has some new checkout options for you!  See below:


suspendSuspend a hold 

You can now “suspend” a hold on Overdrive. When you do this, you continue to move up the waiting list for that title, but the system won’t fill your hold until your suspension period is over. For example, you’re getting close to the top of a waiting list for a popular title, but you’re in the middle of reading another book, you might want to suspend your hold to make sure that you won’t receive the new title until you are ready for it.  There are more details on Overdrive’s website.

autoAutomatic Borrowing

You can also turn on “automatic borrowing” when you place a title on hold.  This way you have the option to have titles automatically check out to your account when it becomes available.  Again, you can learn more about this feature from Overdrive.




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