While they’re off duty: Jesse McCarty

Another installment in our ongoing While they’re off duty series, in which we talk to city staff about their favorite books.  This time, we talked with Jesse McCarty about his work with the city and a series of books he recently enjoyed.

My role in the city is the IT Technical Assistant, which covers a broad list of technology support related responsibilities. I provide desktop support for the city staff, prepare new computers for deployment and use on the city’s network, set up and install the new computers in departments throughout the city, work with our Systems Administrator to maintain the city’s server infrastructure, and many other tasks related to technology.

I have lived in the Skagit Valley since I was five years old. My wife and I celebrated our sixth Anniversary in August, shortly after celebrating our son’s first birthday earlier in the month. Our little one is a big ball of energy: walking everywhere and exploring everything he can. My family is my greatest adventure and I love to spend my time with them, especially doing outdoor activities.

0310257670A book series I recently enjoyed was Terri Blackstock’s Restoration Series. The series came highly recommended by my wife; Terri Blackstock is her favorite author. In the first book of the series, Last Light, a catastrophic global event destroys everything electronic, rendering everything from aircraft to televisions useless and plunging everyone into an age with no electricity. The series’ main characters are a family in Alabama which is now thrust into new realities.  In the books, they need to adjust and learn to live without the conveniences we all take for granted, all the while relearning to live out their faith and share their now extremely limited resources.

The Restoration books are suspenseful page turners that are tough to put down. As one who works with technology for a living, I see how our modern culture is over-saturated with technology.  In many ways, I believe we over-use and depend on technology to a point that we miss the best parts of life. Terri Blackstock’s Restoration books provide some thought-provoking scenarios in a world without all the digital distractions.


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