“Have I Read This?”

Often, patrons come to the Information Desk and ask if we can bring up the history of what they’ve checked out in the past.   We don’t keep that information, partly to protect your privacy; but there are lots of neat ways for you to do so. 

For the low-tech folks, don’t discount a simple notebook or collection of index cards to keep track of books you’ve read or want to read.   And for the online crew, there are several great sites for you to consider.  They are social networking websites for book lovers (although you don’t have to share your lists; you can use these sites and stay private if you choose). 

All these sites are free or have free options.  Once you’ve created an account, you can start adding titles you are currently reading, books you’ve read, and what you’d like to read.  You can add tags to your books — any word or phrase that helps you describe a book.  A tag might be “mystery,”  “want to read,”  “five star,” or whatever is useful to you in categorizing.

Each of these sites have different features, but all encourage you to share your love of books with others on the site.  You can rate books, write reviews, comment on others’ reviews; you can see who else likes your favorites, and what else those people enjoy.  There’s lots of ways to get suggestions for good reads.

So here they are.  Explore a little and see if you’d like to be an online book-lover.

LibraryThing                 Shelfari                      Goodreads                   WorldCat

                   —Mary Beth


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