Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!


Tomorrow, May 22nd, marks the 154th birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Doyle is, of course, known most for being the creator of Sherlock Holmes, but he also wrote historical novels, science fiction, and non-fiction about war, spiritualism and real-life crimes.

Both the Holmes books and Doyle’s other books have been adapted for the screen countless times, and the library can offer you a number of videos and books to help you celebrate Doyle’s birthday in style!

Jeremy Brett Jeremy Brett portrayed Sherlock Holmes in now-classic 1980s series.  We have The adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The return of Sherlock Holmes, and The sign of four available for you to check out.
facsimile Want to read the Holmes stories exactly as readers in the 1890s did? We have a facsimile copy of the original stories, complete with their original illustrations.
Sherlock We have the first two seasons of the BBC’s excellent Sherlock series, which mixes together the original stories and places them in a modern setting. Here’s season one, and here’s season two.

Doyle enthusiasts will also be excited to know that the 1925 silent film based on Doyle’s adventure novel The Lost World is no longer protected by copyright, so you can watch it onlineclaymation dinosaurs and allat the Internet Archive.



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