Zombie Awareness Month: ebooks and audiobooks!

Zombie sillhouetteMay is Zombie Awareness Month, and so every Thursday this month, we will be showing you ways to use the library to learn more about zombies.

This week, we will be highlighting our fabulous zombie ebooks and audiobooks, which you can check out and enjoy from your computer, e-reader, phone, or other device.  If you want to read a book, but the library’s copy is checked out — or if you just want to try out reading a book on a new device — you can find the following zombie titles (and more) online through your library.

From the Washington Anytime Library (ebooks and audiobooks):

  • The Zombie Survival Guide, by Max Brooks
  • Zombie Makers, a non-fiction book about “nature’s zombie makers — including a fly-enslaving fungus, a suicide worm, and a cockroach-taming wasp — and their victims.”
  • World War Z, by Max Brooks — available both as an ebook and an audiobook.
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith’s “classic regency romance, now with ultra-violent zombie mayhem.”  Also available as both an ebook and an audiobook.

From One Click Digital (audiobooks):

  • Grampa’s Zombie BBQ, an audiobook about Wiley and Jubal, two boys who unknowingly cause a zombie outbreak at their grampa’s annual neighborhood barbecue!  “Only Vera the lunch lady’s spicy beet borscht can save the party-goers now.”
  • Rot and Ruin, a teen audiobook novel about Benny Imura, a 15 year old who reluctantly apprentices with his older brother, Tom, as a zombie killer.

Of course, both the Washington Anytime Library and One Click Digital have plenty to offer for all of you who aren’t interested in zombies as well.  Just check out the links below and search for your favorite books.

One Click Digital AudiobooksWashington Anytime Library - Ebooks and Audiobooks

– Jane S.


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