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This morning, I helped a gentleman check out a good-sized stack of books, and asked if he had found everything he was looking for.  “Yes! ” he said enthusiastically.  “This is the most new books I’ve been able to find for ages!”  He went on to say that sometimes, he comes in and whole shelves full of new books are available, and other times, there are very few.  Today, he had a good library day.

In an ideal world, we’d have those shelves so full, you’d always have more choices every time you visited us.  We’d be able to afford all the best-sellers, and even get multiple copies of the really popular ones.  We could update our non-fiction collection to reflect the most recent works in the fields of history, health, law, and popular areas like hobbies and movies.

But in this world, this year, we can only buy a fraction of what we’d like to have available for our patrons.  So here is a bit of a secret — at least to many people — you can ask us what to read!   If there isn’t anything for you on the ‘new’ shelf, and browsing through the shelves is overwhelming, just ask one of us for some help.  This is actually an art/science of librarianship; it’s called “reader’s advisory,” and just refers to the ability to help people find a book they might like.  It makes for some really fun conversations, and it might introduce you to some jewels you didn’t know we have. 

This is one of the most fun things I get to do.  So ask for me if I’m around! 
                                       –Mary Beth


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