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Well hold on to your hats, friends: it’s International Ask a Question Day.
From a library point of view, this is fairly irresistible to point out, because it is scandalous how many people do not know that libraries answer questions.  For free.  Really!  We call them reference questions, and people train for years to get good at answering whatever questions are tossed their way, from homework help to just plain curiosity.

Libraries are so devoted to this practice that most of them are available 24/7 to do it.   If you look in the upper right quadrant of our home page, you’ll find a link called Ask a Librarian under “Quick Links.”  Any time of day, you can chat online with a live librarian and get help getting the information you need.

It turns out the Ask a Question Day folks are not promoting library reference service, although they certainly should.  But it’s an interesting concept: the idea that the questions you ask, and how you ask them, can have remarkable impact on your life, relationships, job, and happiness.  They coin the term “questioning skills.”

Perhaps not so coincidentally, today is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.  He is widely attributed as the source of the quote ““The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

So I can’t refrain myself from asking:  what are the important questions of your life, and where do you go to get them answered?  Just remember: we’ve got your back.

–Mary Beth


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