Here’s a neat resource for all you e-book lovers.  Jellybooks calls itself a “discovery service” — they don’t sell e-books, but they help readers discover e-books they’d like to read.


Not only can you discover new books you’re interested in, but you can also download 10% of the book to determine if you really like it; Jellybeans saves all your samples for you and multiple downloads are allowed.  If you want a book, Jellybooks gives you links to purchase the books at your choice of stores.

There are some other neat features, too – a creative way to get books at a 50% discount (see this page), and ways to share your discoveries with friends.

And don’t forget: you can download e-books and audiobooks from the library for free!  Just ask us how, or visit

Happy reading,
Mary Beth


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  1. Gene Weinbeck

    What fun. Thank you for this great resource.

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