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It’s February.  About this time of year, I lose the ability to be positive about the weather.  No more finding beauty in the rain.  I’m running out of cheer.  I’m sick of grey, grey, grey.  I watch hungrily for those brief flirts of sunshine, and tend to run outside and turn up my face, trying to catch a little Vitamin D.  I’m sure you can empathize.

Many people get the heck out of dodge, this time of year.  Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica… they come home less pale, with a renewed ability to say  obnoxiously positive things about the weather.

So for all of you dreaming of sun and books, here is a great resource for your trip: book-themed hotels.  Who knew?  There’s the Sylvia hotel, just down the coast in Oregon; but the nice folks at Flavorwire found nine other establishments that are way fun to look at.

My favorite is the Library Hotel in New York City.  “Each of the sixty exquisitely appointed rooms have been individually adorned with a collection of art and books relevant to one distinctive topic within the Dewey Decimal category of the floor it belongs to.”

Give us a report on your trip…
—Mary Beth


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