Information Literacy Part I

What is information literacy, and why should you care?

Because we’re all absolutely drowning in a sea of information, and information literacy is the skill of getting yourself into a boat.  It’s not optional for anyone living in this culture today, and it’s especially important for children to learn how to evaluate the credibility of information from the start.  (If your child’s school doesn’t have a trained school librarian, find out how they are being taught this.)

The National Forum on Information Literacy defines information literacy as being able to identify the need for information, find it, assess it for credibility, and use it to learn or problem-solve.   It also involves the skills to stay safe in the digital world (identifying scams, identity safety, etc.).

Think of all the information you receive in a day.  Unsolicited information from radio, tv, email, Internet, your kid’s school, work – it goes on and on.  Or knowledge you seek from books, Internet, other people, etc.  What is true?  What is biased?  What is useful?  How do you find what you need easily and sort through the rest?

Find out how literate you are.  Here’s a quick quiz for you and yours to take.

Or take a look at this great site.  Click on some of the sites listed under “Hoax Sites.”   If you came upon one while browsing the web, would you have any idea it was a hoax?

Tomorrow, we’ll look at how to become more information literate.

-Mary Beth


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