The Library as Art

Libraries usually hold art, and often the architecture is art; but how often do you hear of a library being an art installation?


Doesn’t that kind of take your breath away?  Italian artist Massimo Bartolini created the piece, entitled Bookyard, for a Belgian art festival (see more here).   It’s a working library, too: DesignBoom reports, “The units are filled with books for sale by the public libraries of Ghent and Antwerp with the profits of these items to benefit the institutions. Visitors to the exhibition may bring home a piece of the artwork, an object housed in the shelves of ‘Bookyard’ by leaving a donation of their choosing into a small box supplied by the artist and the libraries.”

The piece is set in St. Peter’s Abbey vineyard, and is designed to travel up the slope in line with the grapevines.   Pretty cool.


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