Heard any good books lately?

Now that summer’s here (or soon will be) our lives should be taking on a slower pace, right?  I don’t know about you, but that’s not happening for me. But I’ve managed to find a new way to make time for one of my favorite pastimes: reading! 

I asked for an iPod for Christmas (my kids got me a purple one), and I’ve been downloading audiobooks from the library’s new database: NetLibrary. NetLibrary has over 3,000 audiobooks, with choices from current suspense and romance to children’s classics; something for just about everyone.

Now when I take my daily walks I can “read” a book at the same time. That’s a winning combination—I can listen to a good book, while I’m doing something that’s good for me.

I ventured outside my normal reading range by choosing Dead Until Dark, by Charlaine Harris – a vampire book!  Who knew blood-sucking vampires could be so fun?

The NetLibrary process starts at your library where you set up an account on the NetLibrary website. Then you can download books from any computer with internet access. So come on in and get started–it’s a new, free service at your local public library.

To find out more about NetLibrary click on "Download Media" under Quick Links on our library homepage.

And if you’re participating in the adult summer reading program (see post below), which starts Monday, you can write reviews of your audiobooks too!


PS Do you ever read in the bathtub to unwind at night? With downloadable audiobooks you don’t have to worry about dropping the book in the water–that’s a big plus!


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