A new legacy has begun

Well, it’s over: “Books, Bites and Burgundy” hosted approximately 200 people Saturday night.  It was fun, elegant, and $ucce$$ful–and we’re almost back to normal.   Initial accounting projects a profit of roughly $14,000, with another $20,000 pledged in the future. 

Those pledges are the result of a really neat giving opportunity.  “Legacy Donors” asks people to pledge $100 a year to the library, for the next ten years.   Then the library bills the donor each year. 

So, if you had to miss the event, you don’t have to feel left out: you can still become a Legacy Donor.  Just drop by the library and we’ll sign you up, with pleasure and gratitude. 

Maggie Buckholz with Buck Compton.

One of the special surprises of Saturday evening was the appearance of Buck Compton.   He is one of the “Band of Brothers” immortalized by Steven Spielberg’s mini-series of the same name — the story of Easy Company in WWII.  Lt. Compton went on to a life of service, and now lives right here in Burlington.    He said some wonderful things about the role of libraries in communities (which we did not even pay him to say) and told us a brief story about his experience in WWII.  He told it so cleverly that he got several big laughs, humbly laughing off what must have been a very scary experience.  He’s a true American hero, and I think we were all very appreciative of the opportunity to be with him briefly.   We hope to invite him back for a longer program soon.

So thanks to everyone who came on Saturday; everyone who worked and donated to make it happen; and everyone who contributed to the cause!   Keep it coming – consider leaving a library legacy of your own.
                         –Mary Beth




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