Long-distance reference question

My husband Martin just took a trip to Minneapolis/St.Paul related to his recently published historical novel, Vis Major. He was presenting an author reading at the James Hill House in St. Paul, and then planned a side trip to Wisconsin to find the graves of some of the real-life characters in his novel.

He called me after he landed in St. Paul to ask me a long-distance reference question:  a little research using the library’s geneaology database Heritage Quest. He wanted me to check the 1880 census for the names of his character’s parents and siblings. It just took a minute or two, and I had the information he wanted.

We’re always happy to help people with phone reference questions!  Of course, if he’d had his library card with him, he could even have done the research himself on a public computer at his hotel or a local library (though that may be a lot to ask of a man who can’t remember what goes where when he empties the dishwasher).

Your Burlington Public Library card: don’t leave home without it.

Author Martin Burwash in train-chasing mode.


PS  Happy Birthday, Martin!


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