It’s crazy in here…

We’re in Countdown Mode towards the big event on Saturday – “Books, Bites and Burgundy,” our annual gala event to raise money for the Foundation.  This is near and dear to the staff’s hearts, because the Foundation, besides providing for the future of the library, also gives us small grants each year to help fund things we really want to have happen.  Like more books, and databases, and other wonders.

Rachel greeted people last year.

So we all pitch in to make it go.  But like any big party, it takes a lot of planning and energy and a dash of crazyness to spice it up.  Where should this go?  How should that be done?  How will this look?  In the end, of course, it all comes off wonderfully and everyone has a great time, munching and sipping and visiting and, hopefully, spending all kinds of moola on the raffle and silent auction and autographed books and other goodies.  We have a few special surprises in store, too – so don’t miss it!

The doors open at 6:30 on May 22nd.  Tickets are $25, and you must be over 21 to join in the fun.  Questions?  Call us at 755-0760.



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  1. Betty

    Perhaps it is my ‘machine’, but the time the third paragraph that tells the time and date of the event doesn’t show on the email. I printed it out to be sure and it doesn’t come out on the print out either.

  2. Betty

    Hi! We’re coming, we’re coming – 6:30 to – ? -?

    Am sure it will be great fun.

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