Meet the Bookmeister, Don Cook

I don’t really know how much Don reads, but it’s certain his free time is all about books. Don is a member of the Friends of the Library, and he is a driving force behind our book sales.  Once Don commits to doing something, he brings considerable energy and experience to the job; he has become quite a used-book entrepreneur on our behalf.

 Keep in mind that the money the Friends raise funds every one of our programs, for children, teens, and adults.  It’s what makes us able to offer our events at no charge to participants (it’s because the Friends, with their labor, have already paid!).

 Don manages the steady flow of donations into our library, sorting and storing them for both Book Ends (the permanent sale in our lobby) and the bi-annual book sales (one of which is this weekend: Friday, September 16: 1 p.m. until 6 p.m., Saturday, September 17: 10 a.m. until 3 p.m).  You’d think that would be plenty – it’s a demanding year-round job.  But no…

 Then he’s proceeded to build a county-wide network with used book stores and other library groups, even riding the ferry out to Orcas Island to pick up their sale leftovers (Orcas readers have really good taste) to include in ours.  He buys furniture for Book Ends and works on his display skills.  He knows what frequent patrons are looking for and brings treasures to their attention.  He brings heartfelt warmth and welcome to patrons as he works in the lobby.  He’s worked out a way to pass on the books that don’t sell here – for a profit!  And to all appearances, he relishes every minute.

 And oh, did I mention he’s our de facto handyman?  Something breaks: ask Don to fix it.  Need a stage?  Ask Don to build it.  Need helping moving something heavy:  “Oh, Don?”

 Such are the people with whom we are blessed.  Happy to provide service, anxious to do the best job possible.  Don, and all the others like him, are one reason this area is such a great place to live (and work).   “Thank you” seems awfully inadequate recompense.
                    –Mary Beth


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