The DVD Dilemma

Part of my job description is the fun job of DVD selector—deciding what titles to add the library’s very popular collection of DVDs.

With my annual DVD budget, I can buy about 120 single DVDs, or half that many seasons of popular TV series per year.

There are several general categories I consider when I’m deciding what to purchase:
1. Feature films (mostly award winners, book-to-movie titles, and a few classics)
2. TV series
3. Documentaries
4. “How-to” instructional films
5. History, nature, and other educational areas

So, here’s a question for you: if you were me, how would you spend the library’s DVD budget? As selector, you must consider how the library can fill the needs and desires of the whole community, so you end up with a somewhat balanced, varied collection.

I hear from a few library patrons via our library “request for purchase” forms. But I’d love to hear from more of you. Please leave your thoughts in a comment below! Out of 120 DVDs, how much of what would you buy?

Waiting to hear from you,


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