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Sundance rides again

It’s time for the Sundance Film Festival, and this year you can be part of it.  This 35th year anniversary runs  from January 17 to the 27th.  According to Wikipedia, it’s one of the largest independent film festivals in the United States; last year, there were over 46,700 attendees.  It’s certainly one of the most famous festivals, helped no doubt by its close association with Robert Redford.

It started as a way to focus the spotlight on independent filmmakers.  Now it’s a media extravaganza of movies, music, and celebrities, but it continues to bring to light movies that go on to great acclaim.  In the past, those have included Garden StateThe Blair Witch Project, Spanking the Monkey, Reservoir DogsLittle Miss Sunshine, El Mariachi, Moon, Clerks, Thank You for Smoking, Sex, Lies, and Videotape, The Brothers McMullen, Napoleon Dynamite, God Grew Tired of Us, Quinceañera and Precious.

You can watch 13 different short films entered in the competition from this YouTube link.  The festival’s website streams some things live; and here’s an article about other ways you can participate from afar.

After that, come in and see if we’ve purchased the prize winners for your viewing pleasure!





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Big News!!!

BPL is moving up to the big time.  No longer do you have to rely on blog posts to find out about our new books.  Instead, all you need do is visit our home page and play with our nifty new web gadget, New Book Alerts!

As shown below, you can click either right on the book, which takes you to more info about that particular item; or you can click right on the logo, which opens a page to browse all new books and subscribe to the list by e-mail.

Thanks to the Burlington Library Foundation for funding the first year of this service.   This is one thing we know our patrons want and use.  Everybody loves new books!


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The DVD Dilemma

Part of my job description is the fun job of DVD selector—deciding what titles to add the library’s very popular collection of DVDs.

With my annual DVD budget, I can buy about 120 single DVDs, or half that many seasons of popular TV series per year.

There are several general categories I consider when I’m deciding what to purchase:
1. Feature films (mostly award winners, book-to-movie titles, and a few classics)
2. TV series
3. Documentaries
4. “How-to” instructional films
5. History, nature, and other educational areas

So, here’s a question for you: if you were me, how would you spend the library’s DVD budget? As selector, you must consider how the library can fill the needs and desires of the whole community, so you end up with a somewhat balanced, varied collection.

I hear from a few library patrons via our library “request for purchase” forms. But I’d love to hear from more of you. Please leave your thoughts in a comment below! Out of 120 DVDs, how much of what would you buy?

Waiting to hear from you,


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An enthusiastic “thumbs up”

In my book, any movie with Morgan Freeman’s name on it is probably worth watching. So when I saw his name connected with the documentary Prom Night in Mississippi, I bought it for the library, and then took it home and watched it once it was processed and ready for checkout. I wasn’t disappointed.

In 1997 Morgan Freeman offered to pay for the high school prom in Charleston, MS—if it would be racially integrated. But his offer was turned down. He tried again in 2008, and this time his offer was accepted. (Can you believe there were schools in 2008 with segregated proms?!) As Freeman said, “You make the plans, and I’ll write the check.” This film documents Charleston’s reactions and reflections during the planning and prom itself.

You’ll see and hear some kids who are wise beyond their years, and some adults who need an attitude adjustment. In the suspense of community conflict, you may learn something about southern culture. And I’ll bet that you find yourself smiling at the vivacious authenticity of young, beautiful people.




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