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Looking for Betty Macdonald – The Egg, the Plague, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, and I

Looking for Betty Macdonald Tuesday afternoon, January 17th 2017

Tuesday afternoon, January 17th 2017 2 p.m.

Program “Looking for Betty MacDonald – The Egg, the Plague, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, and I
Speaker : Paula Becker, Seattle Author and Historian
January 17th 2017
Tuesday afternoon, 2 p.m.
Burlington Public Library
820 E. Washington Ave
Burlington WA

Join us for a slide presentation and reading from the new biography “Looking for Betty MacDonald – The Egg, the Plague, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, and I” by the author Paula Becker.

This new book is the story of the life of Betty MacDonald, one of only a few nationally celebrated authors from Washington State in the 1940s and early 50s. Biographer Paula Becker chronicles MacDonald’s vibrant, close family life, writing career, her books and her era.

Material from letters, personal accounts, and her own writing made it possible for Becker to explore what drove this unconventional often irreverent woman. MacDonald’s first bestselling success “The Egg and I” (1945) evolved from stories she told and re-told of her experience chicken farming as young wife on the rural Olympic Peninsula. She followed her unexpected success with the children’s book “Mrs. Piggle Wiggle” (1947), another memoir “The Plague and I” (1948) and more of the children’s stories, articles and memoirs until her untimely death at the age of 49 in 1958.

Join us to hear Becker share her observations about MacDonald’s humorous writing style and the world as Betty saw it.  Q & A to follow.

For more information, contact the Burlington Public Library at 820 East Washington Avenue, call 755-0760, or visit the Burlington Library

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Stay Informed @ the Library

The library has dozens of programs throughout the year for children, teens and adults.  Summer Reading is coming up, Quidditch Fest is June 11, and we have a new telescope you can actually check out.  We would like to remind you that it is possible to sign yourself up for email or mobile notifications of these programs.

You can sign up for our Blog on the right of this page for occasional announcement and information links.  Or  you can sign up for our website calendar notifications here and (ICalendar for mobile apps).  Or use Facebook.  You can also remove yourself from the list any time if they clutter your email account too much.  Check our website periodically for new programs or find business and research resources here.

Stay Informed @ the Library


Stay Informed at your library


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Stargazing 101 – Learn to use our new Telescope

The Burlington Public Library has added an Orion StarBlast 4.5” telescope that you can check out with your library card.
Telescope Program and Loan Program

It’s a great family activity and there are many books in our library to introduce you to basic astronomy. The telescope will be loaned out for two weeks at a time.

The telescope was donated by Island County Astronomical Society. Volunteer astronomer Bob Scott of the society has decades of experience studying the stars and is happy to help.
Click here for videos on how to use the telescope and more information on the program.  Drop by the library and we’ll put you on the waiting list. We anticipate requests to be high throughout the summer months.



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More on Winter Adult Reading Months (WARM) challenge

Winter Adult Reading MonthsMore Winter Adult Reading Month book suggestions :

Washington Reads – Pacific Northwest authors recent titles!


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Library Program: BOARD GAME GIFT IDEAS Tuesday DEC. 1st

BoardGamesPosterDec1_500BOARD GAME
6 PM
Games challenge us, entertain us and bring us together to learn about strategy, words, math and fair play.
Discover new board games with local game guru and hobbyist, Marshall LaFleur.
For gamers, parents, teachers, grandparents and others looking for educational and fun family holiday gift ideas.


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“Old Timer’s Tales” remembers the old technology

Edison phonographTuesday night the Burlington Historical Society brought its “Old Timer’s Tales” to the library living room.  Don Mapes, Duane Stowe and Jim Neff entertained us with stories of the Burlington before the streaming music and mp3 players. Mr. Neff brought in the cylinder style phonograph (sometimes called a gramophone) and played three great comedy recordings of the early days. It was a great community night and we look forward to more!

Old Timers Tales $th Annual


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On Our Reader’s Shelves – Volume 2

Skagit readers are continuing to submit book reviews for the WARM reading challenge! All are welcome to participate by submitting a review at the library or via our website. All reviewers are entered into the WARM raffle and will have the chance to win a Kindle Fire table, gift certificates to Easton’s Books and Chuckanut Manor, book gift baskets, and MORE!

Here are some of the latest reviews submitted by WARM participants. My to-read list is certainly growing!

my sunshine awayMy Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh

Reader’s verdict:

This novel begins with this line: “There were four suspects in the rape of Lindy Simpson…” But the central character of M.O. Walsh’s debut novel is not Lindy Simpson, but rather the unnamed narrator of the story–the teenage boy across the street–who is obsessed with Lindy Simpson in a typical teen male sort of way. He sees himself at the center of life’s happenings–how does this impact my life he seems to ask. And he tells the story of the years just before and after this incident as he looks back on it years later as an adult. As a teenager he’s often self-centered and insensitive to the feelings of those around him, while as an adult he apologizes for his lack of compassion and understanding. If you like coming-of-age stories, and tales of suspense where information is slowly revealed you’ll enjoy My Sunshine Away.


Band of BrothersBand of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose

Reader’s verdict:

Stephen E. Ambrose brings history to life, and this book about 101st Airborne’s heroic efforts in WWII is no exception. Being at the tail end of the baby boomers, I grew up with movies like the Battle of the Bulge and A Bridge Too Far. Band of Brothers personalizes those stories and fills in many of the details left out by feature films. Speaking of feature films, the HBO series Band of Brothers is on the library shelves, and it is really well made. I actually watched the series last fall and decided afterwards that I wanted to read the book.



landlineLandline by Rainbow Rowell

Reader’s verdict:

After two successful Teen novels, “Landline” (Rowell’s second adult novel) looks at relationships–how they evolve, what one partner may give up in the name of love and keeping the peace, and how a soulmate/friend who’s not your spouse can fit into the mix–or not. Georgie and Neal have been together since college, and his needs have taken a backseat to her career as a sitcom writer with best friend Seth. But when Georgie chooses work over family at Christmas time, Neal leaves and takes their two daughters to spend the holiday with his family in Omaha. Georgie is afraid her choice may be the final straw in a relationship that has been all give for Neal, and all take for Georgie. When her cell phone dies, she discovers an old landline at her mother’s home and uses that to call Neal. But as her voice travels across the miles, it also travels back in time–to a Christmas when they were just dating, and Neal was trying to reconcile the fact that we was in love with Georgie with the idea that her life and dreams would control their future. As Georgie talks to Neal-in-the-past over several days, she questions whether the life they’ve lived has been fair to Neal, and if he might have been better off without her. Rowell’s characters are believable and likeable, and while I was rooting for Georgie and Neal to stay together, I appreciated the friendship between Georgie and Seth, and the witty banter between them as they worked together on their next big project.

What are you reading now? Tell us in the comments!




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Explore History Through Comic Books

Wahl PresentationReaders, here’s a riddle for you: what do comic books and American history have in common? A lot more than you might expect!

Three weeks from today (March 24) comic book historian and journalist T. Andrew Wahl will visit the Burlington Public Library. Wahl will explore comic book heroes through the lens of a scholar, providing a fascinating view of our nation’s recent history. In this interactive multimedia presentation, we’ll learn how historical events can be seen in the evolution of characters from Wonder Woman to Spider-Man. Using audience members’ memories as a springboard, this conversation will connect comic book superheroes (and the occasional villain!) to historical topics including war, the advancement of civil rights, and the societal impacts of technology.

No matter if you’re a comic book reader or superhero movie viewer, you’re sure to enjoy this presentation. Give us a call at the library for more details (360-755-0760).

Who are your favorite comic books heroes and villains? Let us know in the comments!


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March Madness has begun!

We’re mad about books all month during March Madness at the Burlington Public Library! We’ve got 16 of your favorite books from 2014 matched up, and it’s up to you to decide who will prevail. Are you a fan of adult fiction, nonfiction, young adult, or children’s books? They’re all in the running. Competition will ramp up all month with elite eight and final four games, and a championship round at the end of the month.

The first round – Sweet 16 Match-Ups –  is open for voting until Saturday. Come by the library to cast your vote, or tell us in the comments!

Sweet Sixteen Match-ups

the-hunger-games-book-cover VS.  divergent-book-cover2

Boys in the Boat cover VS. story-wild-book-cover-4254.jpg

The-Invention-of-Wings-Sue-Monk-Kidd VS. The-All-Girl-Filling-Stations-Last-Reunion-Fannie-Flagg

tartt VS. the-luminaries

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Long Haul by Jeff Kinney VS. Eleanor and Park(2)

Fault in Our Stars VS. we are water

i am malala VS. unbroken

sycamorerow VS. gone girl

Which do you think will make it to the Elite 8 round?

– Jenny


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Read More, Stress Less – Make #Timetoread in 2015


I may be biased, but I can think of no better way to relax than getting lost in a great book (I am a librarian, after all). However, in a world full of distractions, social media notifications, and text message pings, the traditional way of reading may be suffering – and so is one’s ability to comprehend and enjoy text.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, silent reading parties are springing up around the world in an attempt to return to uninterrupted reading. Readers such as those in Wellington, New Zealand turned to the idea after realizing how fractured their reading habits had become due to technological distractions. Research of screen reading patterns reveals that skimming and skipping through text (as one often does when reading an online source) results in lower rates of comprehension. When we bring these habits to the page, we are losing out on many of the benefits and pleasures of reading.

Research also shows that an action as simple as turning off a cell phone and reading for just a half hour can help readers reduce stress, enhance concentration and comprehension skills, and build empathy. This article spoke to me as I considered the New Year and the practice of making New Year’s resolutions. Does cutting stress and making time to relax resonate with you and your own goals for 2015? It certainly does for me.

The Library invites you to take a step to reduce stress and escape the distractions by sitting down with a book on Saturday, January 24 for National Readathon Day. Readers around the country will be slowing down between the hours of noon and 4pm and enjoying quiet time with a book. Tell us what you’re reading on Facebook or Twitter (when you’re done reading, of course) with the hashtag #timetoread for a chance to win a gift certificate to Easton’s Books. What better way to relax, connect with a community of readers, AND add some books to your to-read pile?

National Readathon Day is the first in a series of events for adults to participate in during the Winter Adult Reading Months (W.A.R.M.). Throughout January, February, and March, participants (age 19 and over) are invited to take on reading challenges, review books, and attend talks on comic books, political cartooning, and more. Participants are eligible for prizes including a Kindle Fire, gift certificates to Easton’s Books and Chuckanut Manor, and book gift baskets. All W.A.R.M. events are offered at no charge thanks to support from the Friends of the Burlington Library. Don’t let the dreary winter months get you down – warm up with books and more at the Burlington Public Library.

Wishing you a year of happiness and great books!

– Jenny


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