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Language learning @ your library

Try Pronunciator – a language learning app!
Learn a new language - Live classes online!You can log in anytime – or – to track your progress, create an “account” with your library card.
Or Download the app of your choice to use you mobile phone or tablet.
New! There are now live online conversation practice classes for Spanish (Latin America), French, English as a Second Language, Tagalog, Greek, and Mandarin Chinese.
Log in and look for Prolive for schedule!

Pronunciator para las personas que hablan Espanol

To get to Pronunciator from the website, hover over Research and homework tab and click on Language Learning tab.


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Learn a New Language

Learn a new language at your library with PronunciatorThe library has lots of ways to practice and learn a new language.  Our newest program allows you to use your mobile device of choice!

Try our new language learning course – create an account with your Burlington Public Library card number, remember the password and account info, download the app if you want to use a mobile device and take advantage of the fun and interactive courses on Pronunciator!



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Do you speak Dewey Decimal?

We just re-organized our Language Learning collection to make it a little easier to browse.  We used to shelve these books in order by their Dewey Decimal numbers — long numbers that go something like 468.3421, and made little sense to anybody other than us librarians.

Our new system is much simpler; the books just go alphabetically by the name of the language, starting with Arabic and ending with Yiddish.  We’ve also re-labeled all the books in that collection, and added some new signage that should help you find your way as you embark on a voyage of discovering another language.

Shelves of books and CDs for language learners.  Materials shown are for German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Mixteco, and Norwegian languages.Language learners and travellers, be sure to let us know what you think of the new set-up!  And if you aren’t currently learning another language, try browsing through the section anyway; we’re pretty sure that something there will catch your eye!



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Travel guides to go

If you’re planning a getaway, we’ve got Travel Guides to go!


Now you can download digital travel guides to your Kindle or any other eBook-compatible device. Just go to the Washington Anytime Library/Overdrive and enter the search term “travel,” or your destination.

If you’re staying close to home, check out the Lonely Planet guide 48 Hours in Seattle. For adventures farther afield, you’ll find guides to cities throughout the US, and travel to Mexico and Europe.

And there are titles for arm chair travelers as well: Lights, Camera…Travel! — the adventures of celebrity travelers, The Best American Travel Writing of 2011 edited by Sloan Crosley, and Travel as a Political Act by Rick Steves.

Bon Voyage!



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Virtual travel guide

I’ve always wanted to see Switzerland.  Fortunately for me, there’s an app for that… and much more.  You’ve heard of Google.  You may have used Google Maps to get directions or map out a trip.  But have you heard of Street View?  It’s been around since 2007, but many people aren’t aware of this fantastic resource for spending yet more mind-boggling screen time on the web.

Street View isn’t available for all locations, of course.  And it’s easily confused with Google Earth, which is a separate program you have to have installed specially to use.  Street View is just a part of the Google Maps website.  When you zoom in to the maximum and keep clicking on the plus sign, if Street View is available, it’ll show up.

Would you like to see how New Orleans is recovering?

How about the ancient pyramids of Mexico?

Switzerland?  Check.  Thailand?  Check.  Israel, Poland, Cape Canaveral (inside and out)?  No problem.

So here’s how it works: Google has all these people running all over the planet, taking pictures.  Really.  They drive down streets in Seattle and they drive to the North pole on snowmobiles.  They use satellites to update aerial views and special cameras to capture panoramic, 360-degree views.  Since 2007, they’ve taken tens of millions of images and driven (or biked?) more than 5,000,000 unique miles of road.  Here’s one of their camera cars:

Sometimes, of course, the cameras catch funny things; there are lots of online collections of those.  And, of course, there are the inevitable privacy concerns.

Here’s two collections of Google amazement; you’re going to want to view these on a fast Internet connection.

Street View Collections

World Wonders Project

–Mary Beth


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