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Stay Informed @ the Library

The library has dozens of programs throughout the year for children, teens and adults.  Summer Reading is coming up, Quidditch Fest is June 11, and we have a new telescope you can actually check out.  We would like to remind you that it is possible to sign yourself up for email or mobile notifications of these programs.

You can sign up for our Blog on the right of this page for occasional announcement and information links.  Or  you can sign up for our website calendar notifications here and (ICalendar for mobile apps).  Or use Facebook.  You can also remove yourself from the list any time if they clutter your email account too much.  Check our website periodically for new programs or find business and research resources here.

Stay Informed @ the Library


Stay Informed at your library


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Drivers Ed Training @ your library

WashDriverGuidethmbTry our new website for practice written drivers tests!

It is great for students or those new to Washington State who have to get a new driver’s license!


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Attention Whovians!

Invitation from the DoctorDon’t blink… or you might miss our upcoming Doctor Who party!  We’ll be designing dalek t-shirts, putting your Whoniverse knowledge to the test in a trivia contest, and writing cryptic messages in Circular Gallifreyan.

Bring your sonic screwdriver!  Or better yet, come dressed as your favorite doctor, companion, or alien!  We will be having a fantastic costume contest with brilliant prizes.

10th and 11th doctorsThe party will take place from 5:30 – 7:00 on Saturday, August 2, at 48° 28′ 33″ N 122° 19′ 31″ W (better known as the Burlington Public Library).  The party is free and open to adults, teens, and kids ages 10+, so we hope to see you there!



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The Youth Science Expo is coming up!

We are absolutely thrilled about our upcoming Youth Science Expo on Tuesday, July 8th from 2-4 p.m.  The expo will be a library-wide festival where youth ages 8-18 can design some cool projects while learning about scientific concepts.  Kids and teens will learn to take their pulse, shoot a vortex cannon, make computer keyboards out of gummy worms, and design some slick e-textile accessories.

One of our favorite activities is a station where kids can design their own balloon-powered cars.  Here’s a video to get a flavor for the project.  We hope that you can come to the expo to design a car with us, of course, but if you can’t make it, you can use this video’s instructions to create some air pressure-powered racers at home:





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The power of games

Chess setGames are fun!  They challenge us, they entertain us, they bring us together with others who may not share our interests.

Games aren’t all about fun, though.  Look no further than the two biggest books-turned-movies this fall — the Hunger Games and Ender’s Game — for games that are deadly serious.  Even a much less sinister game of Monopoly, though, has a serious side.  It can teach us how to interact beneficially with systems, sharpen our logical thinking, and develop our planning skills.Calvin and Hobbes playing Calvinball

Games can shape how we think about language and communication.  The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein challenged his readers to come up with a single definition of a game — a statement that would be true for all games, but false for anything that is not a game.  Give it a try; it’s harder than it sounds!  The Oxford English Dictionary, for example, says that a game is “an activity played for entertainment, according to rules.”  Calvin and Hobbes don’t have any rules when they play Calvinball, but nobody would hesitate to call it a game.  Playing music together can be entertaining, and requires us to follow rules of melody, tempo, and harmony; but is it really a game?A boy and a ghost playing a game of Go

Most importantly, games can be used to share culture and develop relationships.  Societies use games to pass down their culture, values, and traditions.  And they are a fun experience to share with others; there are few things that are more fun to share with a group of people than a fun game.Schedule for International Games Day

We’re one of almost 1,000 libraries celebrating International Games Day this Saturday, November 16th.  We’re offering workshops, tournaments, and over a dozen games throughout the library, and it will be open to all ages:

  • At 12pm, we are holding a chess tournament for kids and teens
  • At 1pm, members of the Bellingham Go club will lead a workshop about this ancient Asian strategy game
  • At 2pm, we’ll hold an all-ages Scrabble tournament
  • Throughout the day, we will hold a battle league for Yu-Gi-Oh, an exciting trading card game based on a Japanese manga
  • Throughout the library, we will have dozens of card games, board games, and strategy games available for anyone to play

So please stop by the library anytime between 11am – 5pm on Saturday and share the power of games with us.



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All About Our Summer Reading Programs

We are in the middle of two exciting summer reading programs here at the library!  Dozens of children come in every week to tell us all about the books they’ve read, and to share the impressive number of hours they’ve spent reading.  As part of the program, kids who have read an hour or more each week are entered in a drawing for a bike, donated by the Burlington Healthy Community Coalition:


Kids also have a chance to vote between three community organizations, one of which will receive a $100 donation at the end of the summer:


Meanwhile, our teens are reading and doing a number of online tech challenges as part of our Summer Reading Game.  Participants are geocaching, blogging book reviews,  decorating some creepy-looking cupcakes, and reading a ton of awesome books (of course)!

Do you know a kid or teen who hasn’t signed up for one of our summer reading programs?  It’s not too late!  They can still come into the library and get signed up, or drop by one of our fabulous upcoming children’s or teen events:

  • Louie Foxx, Magician (Thursday, July 11, at 11 a.m.)
  • Doug Banner, Storyteller (Thursday, July 18, at 1 p.m.)
  • Charles the Clown (Thursday, July 25, at 11 a.m.)
  • Hunger Games Indoor Archery (Teen event on Monday, July 29, at 5 p.m.)
  • Scott Peterson, Reptile Man (Tuesday, July 30, at 11 a.m.)
  • Hunger Games Water Fight  (Teen event on Wednesday, July 31, at 2 p.m.)

– Jane


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Zombie Awareness Month: Hands-on learning!

Zombie sillhouetteMay is Zombie Awareness Month, and so every Thursday this month, we will be showing you ways to use the library to learn more about zombies.

How can you get hands-on knowledge of how to survive a zombie apocalypse before it’s too late?  At your library, of course!  We are looking for teen volunteers to join our zombie horde next month.

June 15th the library will showcase our “Juicy Brains” in the Berry Dairy Days parade, and we need zombie volunteers to get in costume and walk with us.

Then, June 26th from 2:30-4:30 the Burlington Public Library will be overrun with Zombies for our first-ever Zombie Survival Scavenger Hunt.  Zombies will roam the book stacks, looking for participating “survivors” and trying to infect them before they gather all of the required pieces of their Bug Out Bag survival kits.

For the Survival Scavenger hunt, volunteer zombies will be made up by the good folks at the Northwest Hair Academy, and will have their hands dusted in glow powder so that when they touch the Survivors’ arms or backs the “infection” will show under a blacklight sweep (Blacklight courtesy of the Burlington Police Department).

Zombie volunteers can earn community service credit, as well as get some sweet photos taken of themselves in full zombie regalia at our zombie “photo booth.”

Want to be a part of our horde?

  • Email SarahL [at],
  • Come sign up in person (ask for Abby or Maggie), or
  • Contact the BPL Teens Facebook page.

zombie recruitment postcard



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Teens and the library


Got teens?  Read this!

We’re in the middle of Teen Tech Week, a national celebration which goes from March 8-16.  Any teen between the ages of 13 to 19 can participate by creating a book trailer:  a commercial (three minutes or less) that tempts its audience to read your favorite book.  There are fabulous prizes: a Sony Bloggie video camera; a $25 Amazon gift card; and $15 in Fandango Bucks.

To participate, teens can pick up an entry blank, which also has rules and resources on it.  The deadline for submission is up to our 5:00 closing on Saturday, March 16.

Teen Tech Week is sponsored by YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association). On their website they describe it thusly:

“Teens’ use of technology increased dramatically in recent years, yet more teens are doing this from home instead of the library. The Pew Internet & American Life project found that 93 percent of teens go online, with many using social networking sites, finding news and information, sharing content they create, and looking for information on health.

Teens need to know that the library is a trusted resource for accessing information and that librarians are the experts who can help them develop the skills they need to use electronic resources effectively and efficiently. Teen Tech Week is a national initiative sponsored by the Young Adult Library Services Association and is aimed at teens, their parents, educators and other concerned adults. The purpose of the initiative is to ensure that teens are competent and ethical users of technologies, especially those that are offered through libraries such as DVDs, databases, audiobooks, and videogames.”


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February events at your library


Here’s a link to our calendar of programs for February.  The Winter Adult Reading Months program continues—turn in those books reviews for your chance to win a Kindle Fire—and the WARM program this month is “Get Your Hands on Groundbreaking Technology,” February 16.  Come in and play with our e-readers and tablets, or brings yours in to get your questions answered.  We’ll do our best.  😉

Another program that starts this month is Talk Time.  Tell your friends who are learning English about this one, it’s a great opportunity to practice their skills and increase confidence.

And for the teens, a Valentine’s Nail Art workshop!   And of course our usual great schedule of reading-readiness education for babies in laps, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Thanks to our wonderful Friends of the Library (which you can join!), all of our programs are offered to anyone at no charge.

Also, please remember we’re closed February 18 in honor of President’s Day.

–Mary Beth


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