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Attention Students, Parents, and Job Seekers!

If you or someone you know is getting ready for any kind of test to advance in school or their careers, this is for you.  There’s an amazing range of resources here, even for homeschoolers.

With your library card, you have 24/7 access to our online databases.  This one is called Learning Express, and it has online practice tests and new eBooks available by using the Learning Express Library.   There is an ever-expanding list of eBooks — almost 200 career guides and study aides, each designed to help people prepare for licensing, certification, and competitive entry-level exams, or to advance in school or in their careers.

New eBooks available include

  • “Pre-GED Language Arts, Writing”
  • “Geometry Success in 20 Minutes a Day, 3e”
  • “Write Your Way into College: College Admissions Essay”
  • “Public Speaking Success in 20 Minutes a Day”
  • “Homeschooling FAQs”
  • “Becoming a Culinary Arts Professional”
  • “PRAXIS II: ParaPro Test Prep (0755 &1755)”
  • “TOEIC Test Prep”

Click here for a list of the different Ebook titles available.

And try here for the practice tests and courses to try.

Test-taking and courses require a log-in (if you aren’t in the library) and one-time registration.  Be sure and save your username and password for future access and to track your progress!

Click here for help and as always, contact us for more info!


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Employment Scams

As you know, the library has many resources to help people find jobs, write resumes and application letters , start small businesses, and  research careers and companies to work for – all without a charge! 

We also come across good suggestions to avoid job scams or paying for phony” high paying job” lists.  See this video on job scams.  Job-hunting is tough enough without running into these scams, or frauds.

The Riley Guide also has a great page on many types of these illegal or misrepresented promises for work – see their article on “How to Tell Its’ a Scam! (and what to do)” – and the page called Job Scams!  with its own Poster

Meanwhile, ask us about our special computers for typing up and printing application letters or resumes, homework, or other documents.  You can use these up to three hours a day.  For a list of our online resources, see our page on Business, Career & Employment Resources.


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A balanced approach

Do you ever need a little silly in your day?  Here are two resources–one very useful, and one only useful if you’re in a certain kind of mood.

Non-silly:  there’s a new way to search for jobs on the web.  Click here, or, you can enter this URL in your search engine address bar, substituting any city/state combination you’re interested in: .

(For more resources on employment, careers, or operating a small business, see our Business & Employment Resources Page.)

Silly/awesome/uplifting:  1,000 Awesome Things.   Launched June, 2008  (and published last year as a book) and updated every weekday, this site features the small, everyday pleasures of life, such as “#986, When you pull up to a red light and the guy in front of you nudges up a bit so you can make a right turn,” or “#981, Wearing underwear just out of the dryer.”   It just focuses your awareness on joyful happenings for a moment.  Huh.  Maybe not so silly?
                            –Mary Beth


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