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Free Your Inner Artist!

Here’s an upcoming event to let friends know about.  As with all our programs, it’s offered at no charge due to our wonderful Friends of the Library.  Every time you buy a book at their “Book Ends” shop in the lobby, you are supporting children’s, teen, and adult programs at BPL!

Jen is a bright young artist with lots of enthusiasm to share.  This will be a fun workshop (or playshop) for adults, great for timid beginners and confident artists alike.  But space is limited, so please call to register!


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A Poem for Librarians

It’s been a tough year for libraries worldwide.  When I think of all the libraries that have closed, all the school libraries without librarians, and all of the people who have lost their library jobs, this poem becomes even more poignant.  Hans Ostrom, poet and professor of English at the University of Puget Sound, wrote the poem and also posted a video tribute “For Librarians” (3:03) to libraries and librarians.

            — Mary Beth


For Librarians


  Imagine you can consider all ideas
And images represented by all words
And numbers in all libraries worldwide.
Open the book of this consideration.
Touch the paper. See the illustration
Of you, reading, when you were ten
In your local library. Turn
Several pages. Now read how you
And that other person ignited romance
In, of all places, the stacks, third floor,
In quite a different library. Snowflakes
Brushed against dark glass as you two
Stood between PQ and PR.Now go to the index. Find “possibility.”
Look up from the book. The librarian
Who looks away was watching you.
She knows how to phrase the question
You want answered.

Librarians know where wisdom’s stored.
They catalogue the countless forms
Of silence and tell people what they
Didn’t know they wanted to know.
They treat the mentally fractured
As if they’re whole, the dull as if they’re
Sharp, Winter as if it’s Summer.

A band of sunlight angles through high
Windows, brightens shoes of a librarian,
Who knows the patron in the gray enormous
Coat will steal a book about sex or wiccans.
She knows some Christians will steal books
Deemed Satanic, ignoring a commandment
And the homeless person sleeping in a chair.
She knows some atheists treat Library as
Church, so when she moves into shadows,
She does so quietly. She worries for books.

For the librarian knows books are easily burned,
Recycled, or digitized, reduced to oxygen, carbon,
Silicon, and such basic elements as hate and
Budgetary cuts. She wishes presidents of
The United States would consult librarians
Before going to war. It would save so much time,
So many lives. She knows exactly which references
Know how badly any war will go and how soon
Citizens come to loathe their leaders. She knows
How to find stories about all the libraries
Wiped out by war. She knows patrons who’ve
Been harmed by war. Sometimes they set off alarms.
Someone asks her, “Can you help me find out
If I’m related to Napoleon? ” Yes, ” she answers,
“Come with me, please.”

All libraries may now gather inside invisible
Electrons. After closing time, books in Sweden
Send emails to maps in Chile. A librarian in Topeka
Posts a reply to one in Tokyo, adding to a blue thread
Wrapped around the globe.

As sincerely as librarians worry for books, for shelves,
For catalogues, buildings, and best practices,
So should we worry for librarians, for images and ideas.

At a table in a library, a circle of light
Lies on a book. The hand not writing turns
The page, and something important happens.

Hans Ostrom



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Watercolor painting this Saturday!

There are still a few slots open for watercolor painting with Molly Hashimoto this Saturday, so call quick!  This is such a great opportunity to be taught and coaxed by an amazing painter and teacher, at no charge to you.  No previous experience is necessary — Molly says she loves working with beginners.  Click here  or here for more information, or just call us at 360-755-0760.

Also this Saturday, we have “Music in the Stacks” from 2:00 – 3:oo pm.  Ron Hansen Spectrum: the Guitar and Lute UN-Concert, including unexpected popular standards, movie themes, and jazz.  Join us for this free mini-concert, and enjoy a very artsy weekend @ your (nice, cool) library.
         —Mary Beth


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An enthusiastic “thumbs up”

In my book, any movie with Morgan Freeman’s name on it is probably worth watching. So when I saw his name connected with the documentary Prom Night in Mississippi, I bought it for the library, and then took it home and watched it once it was processed and ready for checkout. I wasn’t disappointed.

In 1997 Morgan Freeman offered to pay for the high school prom in Charleston, MS—if it would be racially integrated. But his offer was turned down. He tried again in 2008, and this time his offer was accepted. (Can you believe there were schools in 2008 with segregated proms?!) As Freeman said, “You make the plans, and I’ll write the check.” This film documents Charleston’s reactions and reflections during the planning and prom itself.

You’ll see and hear some kids who are wise beyond their years, and some adults who need an attitude adjustment. In the suspense of community conflict, you may learn something about southern culture. And I’ll bet that you find yourself smiling at the vivacious authenticity of young, beautiful people.




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Here’s a special opportunity for you.

Salmon River Estuary, by Molly Hashimoto. Used with permission.

As devoted blog readers, you already know that our summer reading programs have water themes.  So we thought it’d be fun to add a watercolor painting program, and asked Molly Hashimoto, a great painter and teacher, to lead it for us.
The program ( as always, sponsored by our Friends of the Library, which means we get to offer it to you at no charge) will be July 10: a morning session from 11-12:30, which is repeated from 2:30-4:00.  We can take 25 people at each, so the first 50 people to call us get to come, and sign-up starts Monday, June 28.  
Of course these fill up really fast. 
We’re not advertising very widely, so if you’re a painter, or would like to be, make sure and call on the 28th!  No experience is necessary, all materials are provided, and Molly makes every person feel like they’re an artist.  (Which we are.  But she’s really good.) 
You heard it here first!
                                –Mary Beth

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Library art

This piece is on exhibit in a Danish library.   I saw it and immediately started dreaming of having one of these for our ‘tween book collection.  If you don’t think about the pure chaos it would cause, wouldn’t it be a blast for them to roll it around in order to find a book????

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yours for fun library chaos,
Mary Beth


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